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How do you make. NET Core go even faster? Used right, you can get huge performance boosts and decreased memory footprints for certain classes of work - at the risk of a stack overflow! Great conversation about when and where you should take advantage of these new features!

It's , do you know where your containers are? Carl and Richard talk to Jessica Deen about her work with containers and how Kubernetes has come to dominate the container space, especially in the Microsoft arena. Kubernetes is a container orchestration engine that runs on-premises and all the major cloud vendors - but it is so much more than Used right, you can get huge perfor What does it mean to be cloud native?

Carl and Richard talk to Vishwas Lele of Applied Information Sciences about his on-going evolution to be a cloud-native, and what means in Vishwas talks about the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, an organization independent of the major cloud vendors that helps with identifying and managing tools th How do you debug? Carl and Richard talk to Omer Raviv about OzCode Debugging, including its ability to do 'time travel' or 'reverse' debugging - rather than stepping through code forward line-by-line, you can go any direction you want with any rules that you need.

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Omer talks about the years of work in OzCode and the array of features including Ready to add blockchain to your repertoire? Blockchain is full of hype, especially in relationship to cryptocurrency, but there are so many other possibilities. The idea of a distributed ledger of transactions has huge potential for reducing costs of transactions NET Foundation is changing!

NET Foundation and what it means to the average. The first announcement is that the.

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NET Foundation is moving to an open membership model - if you have made a contribution to. NET in any way, be it code, documentation o What can you do with the Bot Framework? How about make old-school 8-bit adventure games? For your Christmas listening pleasure, Carl and Richard chat with former.

Rory chats a bit about what has happened to him lately, and how he's gotten more engaged with the community after a long break. Lots of conversation about the past and a little bit about some of the new things that he's playi What's new in Node development? There's a huge array of application types that make sense for Node, starting with IoT solutions, but also exploring the more traditional web applications. Node works great in What can you do wrong with Azure security-wise?

Karl starts at the top with one of the main reasons you should consider Azure - physical security. Those data centers are safe! From there, the conversatio How do you build a mobile app in ? The conversation ranges over Xamarin, Cordova, NativeScript and good ol' fashion mobile web. Is the Progressive Web App good enou What can edge computing do for you? While at the Update Conference in Prague, Carl and Richard chatted with Jared Rhodes about his work building Internet of Things solutions with a variety of hardware and software.

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Jared talks about building reliable IoT solutions that are simple of customers to interact with - or work without any interaction a Windows represents the single largest Git source control library in the world at GB - but what does it take to work on it? There are many th What's your dependency injection solution?

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Carl and Richard talk to Steven van Deursen about his work building SimpleInjector and why there seem to be so many different dependency solution options out there. Steven talks about how he came to build SimpleInjector and what makes different DI solutions valuable - including when the. Is there a morality to software development?

Carl and Richard talk to Microsoft Principal Researcher Bill Buxton about his thoughts on what software can do and what our responsibility as software creators is. Bill talks about Melvin Kranzberg's Laws of Technology, starting with the idea that technology is neither good nor evil, nor is it neutra Lilly Mo 7 months ago. Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita have always been rumored to be in a relationship. They raised some eyebrows in when they shared a passionate kiss during When helping a Friend Goes wrong!!

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Lele pons text his ex boyfriend!? Teddy Bear Year ago. Is Lele Pons getting married to boyfriend Juanpa Zurita? Juanpa even proposed Lele on stage.

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Hey guys I was borred so I made this conversation and this is fake like just for the fun do u want a Part 2 subscribe like turn the post and comment Done thnx if Inanna and Lele Vines 4 months ago. Flower Power tv 10 months ago. Are Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita engaged? Zuripons Trend Street Year ago. Lele Pons and Juanpa Zurita have been rumored to be dating as long as they have been appearing in videos together. Their chemistry has led fans to believe