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He is not pleased. What IS he going to do that could really be a problem? We have yet to hear anyone say that the prom was perfect. Usually the stories of romantic mishaps and awkward waltzes are much more appealing in the forgiving spotlight of your shared and personal memories. No dress-up clothes now, no contrived formalities…just hanging out with friends and staying up all night—if you can.

This is, of course, a source of genuine consternation. Will the post-prom experience be remembered for cut-loose celebrations, or for nightmares of over-indulgence, ungodly amounts of caffeine and a queasy stomach that refuses to give yield? So, for all those parents out there who are planning to launch their own poor kids into this great Western tradition, we would like to opine from our vantage points as child and adolescent psychiatrists, former prom attendees and, for at least one of us, a parent who has seen four kids attend three separate proms.

Each one is unique in some ways, but all have one thing in common —intense anxiety in the face of unpredictable and unexpected mishaps. From this iterative knowledge, we think we can comfortably assume some basic rules, first for the prom itself, and then for the after-prom. We hope that these rules make those cummerbunds and sequins that much more palatable by the end of the night. Wooo, what a night!

This is their night. At face value, this is a reasonable question. You talk with your wife. OK, maybe it would be safer at home. Maybe your kid can set an example. But do you really want to host the post-prom party? Do you really want to face party-crashers? Do you really want to walk into a crowd of unruly teenagers and ask some loudmouth to keep it down?

Do you really want to be in the position of escorting someone out of your house? No parent in his or her right mind should do this. For example, while riding a roller coaster with Hikaru he teleports to his part time job with Madoka, then teleports back and almost gets run over roller coaster. One Christmas he even rewinds time so he can go to the same party with both girls in a nutshell - first with Hikaru, then with Madoka, and then both together.

Taken to extremes in Carnival Phantasm , as Shirou and Shiki have to plan around three and five commitments, respectively, complete with a huge whiteboard filled with plans, arrows and time signatures. Shiki's plan starts with him being in two places in exactly the same time, and gets even crazier from there. Unsurprisingly, their plans fail miserably. Played with in I"s. Ichitaka sets up a date with Itsuki, and when he's asked to support Iori at a photo shoot of hers at the same time, he initially turns her down Shidou is forced into a triple date with Kurumi who is the priority of the date , Tohka who somehow asked a date with Shidou , and Origami who wants to keep Shidou safe by keeping him away from Kurumi, ironically enough.

Shidou has the logistical support of Ratatoskr, including a teleportation device to help him move between the three dates.

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Even then, he has to pretend to go the bathroom thirty times and eat lunch three times in the same day, and Kurumi is fully aware of the triple-timing the entire time. Subverted in the Tenchi in Tokyo episode, "Ryoko's Big Date", in which both Ryoko and Sakuya offered to take Tenchi out on a date in Tokyo, but Tenchi opted to go with Ryoko, after hearing her warning on his answering machine.

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Find a Digest of Archie Comics. I guarantee you there will be at least one example of this type of plot therein. Seriously, it goes as far back as Archie Comics 7. It's pretty much impossible for a story to do this plot now without some sort of Lampshade Hanging. One comic had Dilton calculate that Archie's done this 1, times before! Even Jughead has done this. Jughead, who typically refuses to go on even one date.

Two-Timer Date

Hey, it was an excuse to have two meals. Burn's niece and Marge at the same time, forcing him to drive back and fourth. Barney even compares Homer with Archie Andrews. Another issue has Itchy and Scratchy being replaced due to Cecil Terwilliger blackmailing Krusty with Jeeves and Wooster , in a made-up episode where Jeeves has two dates on the same day he's supposed to marry the queen. Homer complains about this In "Double Date", Father Wrath II takes advantage of some Archie Comics style hijinks involving a two-timer date to can access to a school date in search of victims.

I Married An Earthling offers this plot as an example of a particularly bad episode of a putrid sitcom that main character Chester's younger brother is on. He seeks advice from his pals Benny, the dumb jock , and Oscar, the smart nerd. Hilarious hijinks too nauseating to mention ensue. Frasier continues the trend with both a straight example and an aversion. Frasier dates two women at one point, but he never forgets when he's dating each and if he accidentally schedules a date with both, he just calls one of the women to tell her he can't make it.

Later, Martin dates two women on the same night and they end up talking to each other on his phone. Three's Company did this more than once, twice with Jack running back and forth between different dates in different apartments. In the Malcolm in the Middle episode "Malcolm Dates a Family," Malcolm engages in a bit of Lampshade Hanging when he realizes he's scheduled simultaneous dates: In a few cases, both dates have been Lois, meaning she was doing this, too.

In an episode of The Adventures of Superman , Superman solved this problem by literally being in two places at once—he split himself into two bodies.

Popular with guest actors in shows where the leads are twins. Sister, Sister did this a few times. In these series, the date usually leads to a Twin Switch.

Examples of multiple romantic dates:

Harry's stupidity leads him to believe that he has a date with twins and fulfills the usual elements of this trope, never realizing that said twins are the same person. There wasn't any deception on the girl's part. Harry's just plain stupid. Naturally, Sadie episode "The Last Waltz". The deception hinges on him keeping the colour of the carnation in his buttonhole straight.

In the "Casino Night" episode of The Office US , Michael, who often doesn't even have one date, accidentally gets one with his boss and real estate agent. The fact that his not-so-smart big brother's best buddy is in charge of making the plan to keep his 3 dates separate but entertained only makes matters worse. Similarly, said big brother also later ends up asking twins out on a date completely by accident he asked one girl out, and then asked her sister out thinking she was the same girl until TJ pointed it out to him , thus causing him to try and create a fake twin, only for it to unravel quickly.

Sex and the City had Charlotte do this, and get busted after she faked sick to get out date 1 early. Bones had Brennan try this as well, though she didn't mean to. She just accidentally scheduled them both to pick her up at the same time. Saved by the Bell: One episode had Zack stuck with two dates because he finally got a date with Kelly , which was to be at her birthday party, and blackmailed by principal Belding into taking his visiting niece on a date to show her around the town.

Zack solved this by having Screech pretend to be him and go out with Belding's niece while the real Zack went to the party, though a jealous Slater convinced Screech to also come to the party so Zack would get caught. Kelly was actually flattered that Zack went to so much effort to be at her party. He tried to prevent suspicion by leaving the restaurant through the bathroom window while on the way to the time portal.

This led Yvonne to wonder why he was apparently spending so much time in the bathroom, leading her to ask him "Are you bulimic, or pregnant? Played straighter in "iWon't Cancel The Show", where Spencer has scheduled his date with "sophisticated" Candice and has to do iCarly at the same time because Sam is in jail. This happens on Sanford and Son in an episode where Fred becomes a gigolo I'm not making this up. He makes dates with three women and has them meet him in the same restaurant and goes from table to table without them noticing.

Not restricted to comedy, it was played straight in Quantum Leap episode, "A Tale of Two Sweeties" where Sam, in the body of a bigamist, scheduled his two dates at the same time in the same cinema and had to keep going back and forth between them. In an early episode of the original Battlestar Galactica , Starbuck has a date with both Cassiopia and Athena, at the same time, on the same luxury restaurant ship.

He is aided by the steward of the restaurant, who calls his behavior 'Very pre-War!

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It actually was scheduled for one date, but Marsha Chalker, Simon's date, started leaning more towards Matt than Simon, with her even going as far as to look at Matt while kissing Simon goodnight. In ER , Mark Greene, fresh after his divorce, being rather clumsy at asking women out, happened to invite three of them to the same time. A year earlier, Doug brought home his on-again, off-again girlfriend, only to be greeted by his OTHER on-again, off-again bedmate, a flight attendant who had managed to get her schedule shifted to come to town and surprise him.

Neither woman is upset, given the casual nature of their relationship and there's even a vague hint that the night culminated in a threesome. Young Indiana Jones does a three -timer in "The Scandal of ". In his defense, cancelling one wasn't an option because he had already failed a date with one, and the other was in a depressive mood.

And the third one was Kel's fault. Community - in " Herstory Of Dance " Shirley and Annie compete to find a date for Abed for the Sadie Hawkins dance - Abed accepts both of their fixups specifically for the opportunity to play this trope.

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  6. In one episode of Clarissa Explains It All , Ferguson is depressed over his inability to attract Fiona, a girl he likes, and decides to turn to Clarissa for advice. She deliberately gives him bad advice, which somehow backfires and he ends up winning over Fiona. But then his success gets to his head and he decides to use the same strategy on several other girls. Naturally, Fiona finds out and dumps him. The others soon follow suit. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide has Cookie asking his crush Vanessa to Around the World Night at school, but when she turns him down, he agrees to go with Lisa after she asks him to be her date, only for Vanessa to suddenly change her mind afterwards and agree to be his date.

    Cookie then does his best to keep both his dates in separate rooms and bounce back and forth between them. He only gets found out when he tries dancing with both of them at the same time. At USA High , Jackson's father sets him up on blind dates a lot and the latest one is at a school dance with the daughter of one of his colleagues. Lauren was hoping Jackson would ask her and started playing 'hard to get'; then got worried that he hadn't asked her and just decided to ask him instead.

    In Jackson's defence, he did try to break it off with the other girl first. But she was in the bathroom and her hairdryer drowned out Jackson's speech. Of course the dance is a costume affair - and the fun starts where both girls are nominated for the best costume. Deconstructed on The Goldbergs episode "Baio and Switch", when Adam has to go to the school dance with both his platonic friend Emmy who did not get asked out by anyone else and his out-of-town girlfriend Dana who came home from Seattle just to go to the dance. Adam watches various episodes with the same plot for research, only to despair when they all end in failure.

    Pops, who claims to have successfully done a two-timer date, helps him plan it out, only for both Emmy and Dana to find out beforehand Dana was staying at Emmy's and cancel the date. They do eventually both go with Adam to the dance after he apologized. In "Tapestry", Q takes Picard back in time to shortly before he entered a near-fatal fight.

    It starts with young Picard being slapped by a woman because she learned that he'd scheduled two dates at the same time. We see him with the second date, but with the Older and Wiser Picard instead of what was apparently a Casanova Wannabe , it doesn't go well and he gets a drink in the face for his troubles.

    In Custom Robo for the Nintendo GameCube , you a bounty hunter are called to break up a fight between two would-be dates. When you get there, the girl they were dating explains that she had accidentally scheduled both dates at the same time, and she didn't cancel either date. Instead, she just let the two meet each other. She then leaves you to take care of her boyfriends.

    Ironically, the two later become best friends. One sidequest in the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV has the party briefly helping Namingway Cheatingway employ this trope by distracting one of his dates with small talk while he dates the other. One chain of missions in Final Fantasy Tactics A2 has you provide clan members to date up to four people for a chronically overscheduled petitioner, and you have to use the dispatch system as the dates are all too far apart to personally attend them in the time limit.

    Amazingly, the lucky ladies care more about the level and MVP trophies of their dates than they do about things like species and gender. In Magical Diary , after setting up a date with Ellen or Virginia, you can accept a date with Damien for the same weekend. You can either tell your original partner that it's canceled, or try to go to both at the same time. Unsusprisingly, this doesn't work out well. Implied in one of Paz's diary tapes in Metal Gear Solid: Basically, Kazuhira Miller went on a date with two female members of the Militaires Sans Frontieres at the exact same time, and it is implied that Miller has done this before.

    When the girls report it to Big Boss, he proceeds to go and beat up Kaz in the showers. In the Dating Sim True Love , you can stupidly schedule dates with Mikae and Remi on the same day and then be busted when Remi arrives unexpectedly early while you're with Mikae. In Blip , we find out that being a cyborg with access to robotic duplicates makes short work of scheduling multiple dates at the same time. After we're done, their memories will be downloaded into mine.

    I hope that I had a good time. I thought that only happened in Archie comics I've become that guy! Chuckie in All Grown Up! Essentially he wanted to talk to a popular girl and was given a makeover into a foreign exchange student called Chongo. Then when the girl meets Chuckie as himself, they hit it off. His solution is to take them to French restaurants across the street from each other and bounce between the two.

    Arnold manages to pull it off well enough to fool Ruth, and when "Cecile" confronts him for his dishonesty, the real Cecile shows up for a real unannounced visit, making Helga-as-Cecile's accusations highly hypocritical at best and saving Arnold on that front as well. Futurama lampshaded this trope and mentioned the Three's Company episode referenced above.

    Fry is forced to pretend to date Leela and Amy at the same time. While at the same table as all of them. The second season of W. Ethics and Secret Identity issues aside, Cornelia already has a shaky relationship with her earlier paramour Caleb. Before she can resolve things with Caleb, the forces of evil come calling.. Happened once to Babar , where he invited Celeste to a ball only to find out he was also expected to entertain the daughter of a visiting king.

    When he couldn't bring himself to un-invite Celeste he decided to try this trope, with the usual degree of success. He eventually manages to pawn the visiting princess off on a friend, and once he's explained himself Celeste was actually touched that he'd risk a diplomatic incident to keep her happy.

    The Flash successfully pulls off dating two women simultaneously. Being the fastest man alive has its perks. In another episode he intentionally does this in a chaster sense by "accidentally" scheduling lunch with both Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl at once, but he gets "caught" immediately, because that was the entire point: However, when it inevitably fails, he tries to brag about it at the end to a confused group of onlookers at the watchtower cafeteria. Doofenshmirtz when he gets embroiled in a case of Poor Communication Kills with his daughter.

    The Jetsons has George's boss force him to go on a date with a star to get a contract signed. Of course, this happens just as George is on a romantic outing with his wife. This example actually works out for the best, however: In the process of his date with the star, George Jetson ends up involved in some shenanigans with a circus troop, and he does them a favor. In return for this favor, the circus troop later confirms George's alibi that his date with the star had no meaning other than professionalism, and George and his wife's relationship is saved.

    Pulled in the DuckTales episode "Metal Attraction" where Fenton Crackshell has to reluctantly be both sides of a double date at the same time, switching between his normal identity and that of Gizmoduck. When it starts putting way too much pressure on him, as Gizmoduck he ultimately decides to tell the Yandere robot duck that despite what she thinks he's not interested in her and he's seeing someone else.

    She doesn't react well. Granted, it wasn't his fault; his sisters set him up to it. Lampshaded in The Amazing World of Gumball in the episode "The Test", in which this and several other sitcom cliches are mocked. Detroit Metal City does this trope at least once, with Negishi having to switch between eating cake with Aizawa and being Krauser for a new album release. Episode 2 of Persona 4 Golden: The Animation piles one scheduling conflict after another onto poor Yu.

    At first it looks like things will work out, but eventually he finds himself dashing back and forth between a pulling tournament with Yosuke and Kanji, and judging a fashion contest between Chie and Ebihara , all the while trying to get both done by 6pm so he can get back in time to cook dinner for Nanako Poor Yu's utterly exhausted by the end of the episode.

    At the beginning of chapter 11 of Shinozaki-san Ki wo Ota Shika ni! Since Kaede called first, Akina turns down Konatsu, subverting the trope but setting up that both Konatsu's group and Akina's group are at the local water park at the same time. Done in the pages of Suicide Squad where Captain Boomerang starts using the identity of Mirror Master, forcing him to rapidly change in and out of costumes to hide his second identity from his teammates.

    A scene in Mrs. Doubtfire combines this version and the two-identities version, with a children's entertainer, played by Robin Williams , switches between a dinner with his boss and a dinner at the same restaurant where he must pretend to be the elderly babysitter Mrs. He gets caught by his boss when he forgets to change back, but manages to convince him that this is his idea for a new character. At one point she finds herself wearing a lobster bib at the wrong dinner. Fox decides to give himself a promotion. He secretly holds down two jobs and uses the elevator for a changing room when he dashes back and forth to fulfill his responsibilities.