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The simple fact is this, 'you can either feel religion or not. For many others they don't feel it, so they look for easier ways of feeling happy, even if they're only temp methods. So they drink, party, go out with people etc'.

You have a whole culture that puts forward the notion that life is one big party. To someone who has a basic understanding of punjabi and doesn't understand anything when they go to the Gurdwara etc this ideal is more appealing and eaiser. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? By Guest display Started 10 hours ago. By jkvlondon Started September 14, By SikhSeeker Started Yesterday at By S1ngh Started 8 hours ago.

Posted August 4, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Muslim guys are very smooth, crafty and good at brain washing sikh girls.

UK interfaith marriages on rise

Sad Solution is to make these girls aware of sikh history, eduvate them bout our gurus and what sacrifices they made 2 avoid being muslim, and how sikh girls committed suicide in , rather than sleep wiv a muslim. Also educate them bout the agenda of muslim guys and their religion intolerance of women i know this is a conteversial topic, but it's sad to see how man y sikh girls have dated or do date muslim men, and how many sikh girls have married and coverted for muslims why have so many girls from our community dated muslim men and married muslim men whats causing this problem and whats the solution.

Muslim Girl-Sikh Boy Marriage Problems- Please Help!

Manni, Majority of Sikh believers are non Keshdhari, so your first point is irrelevant!! I agree with your other points. Theres a anti extremist muzzie prostest in Birmingham this saturday. Satpunga I agree ur avtaar looks great. As they werent into converting anyone etc I also noticed that Muslim guys were often a second preference after Hindu guys ie for girls who wnated to play away and not get found out. How many conditions are there -? There is an old Punjabi saying ,"When you see a girl for marriage, always look at her mother, it will tell you a lot about what the girl will be like" The thing is that this has been going on I am too old now to know what is going on these days for at least twenty years ago.

We as a Sikh community for some reason think that some how we are going to have the same values as when we left Punjab back in the s I assure you this girls going out with boys was going on even those days too,let's not think that there was some kind of golden generation I know of Sikh women in their forties born and raised in the UK who go out drinking with their daughters. So they drink, party, go out with people etc' You have a whole culture that puts forward the notion that life is one big party.

Sikh-Muslim Marriages

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By admin on October 30th, October 30, at 6: I wish to share my life experience, myself 29 years, working in a automobile company as mechanical engineer, in love with a muslim girl,23 years, working as data entry … Read the rest. By admin on October 21st, October 21, at We somehow got really close and decide to meet up with each other and have been … Read the rest. By admin on September 25th, September 24, at By admin on August 24th, August 24, at 1: By admin on August 11th, Freedom and Leela says: August 9, at 8: By admin on August 3rd, August 3, at 5: My family are coming round.

His family not so much at he moment. We are … Read the rest. By admin on July 16th, July 16, at 3: I have read … Read the rest. By admin on July 9th, July 6, at 2: I am too going through the same thing but the guy is willing to convert to sikhism even knowing his family will disown him.

I still dont know how to tell … Read the rest. By admin on June 15th, June 15, at 9: I totally disagree that a practicing Muslim man can marry Sikh, Hindu or any Kafir women. If they want to marry such woman they should first: By admin on May 24th, Excellent message by Imran here. This is applicable to ALL interfaith friendship, dating and marriage. May 24, at 2: Unfortunately your Aleshia boyfriend considered a Kaafir, and therefore marriage will not be recognized by … Read the rest.

By admin on May 5th, May 5, at I am sikh and am married to a muslim, we have been together for 8 years and are very happy, does it matter what religion you are as long as you … Read the rest. By admin on January 2nd, January 2, at 4: I am with an Egyptian, the one main difference is he does not expect me to convert to Islam. By admin on October 26th, October 25, at 4: I have been in love with a Muslim guy. I became worried that the relationship would end badly … Read the rest.

Questions -Sikh girls and dating / Sikh girls and going outside

By admin on June 24th, June 23, 6: I was searching online for something that will help me but … Read the rest. By admin on June 21st, June 21, 1: I am a Muslim female from British Pakistani background of Sunni school of thought and I have been married to a sikh guy for 3 years now. By admin on May 30th, May 27, 4: I am aware of the struggles that come along with an … Read the rest. By admin on May 12th, May 12, at I was in love with a Punjabi guy.. Sikh-Muslim Marriages 19 comments.

Sikh-Muslim Marriages 7 comments. Sikh-Muslim Marriages 1 comment. Sikh-Muslim Marriages 6 comments. September 28, Hi, I just looked at some comments and have a similar but serious situation. Sikh-Muslim Marriages 12 comments. Did the couple have support from families when getting married or after marriage?

However, with time- maybe years, they will come around and come to accept. But by then it may be a whole lot different.

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Life is too short, enjoy and share it. If it feels right to proceed, then go ahead. If you don't mind me saying, you sound lke the more dominant one. In the terms of you sound like you are less likely to sacrifice your own religion, ie.. The only way you may win his parents over is to prove to them you are what they want. This means to convince them that you will NOT bring the muslim baggage with you into their home.

To reassure them that any celebrations, ceremonies etc shall be done their indian way. This is the kind of approach you need to win them over. They also need to be assured that their son is NOT blinded by the love.

In the sense that some people have a short love fantasy and they forget about who really cares for them such that they lose their love and then go back to the parents So, they need to realise that their son is not being fooled by your love. Otherwise, just stay srong and stay together and not try and rush into anything permanent. Eventually the time will pave it's way to keep you together. Luckysingh , Oct 13, Ambarsaria and Harry Haller like this. I agree, I made that comment bcause this person was browsing this site and obviously saw some related posts and decided to give it a shot, just like people used to read 'dear Miriam'' and then forward their own scenarios.

I couldn't just say '' look at the responses in the other posts'' but something made me want to help in a kind sikh way. Even if some comments were sharp and maybe caused her some offence and pain, but you have to face the truth in the end. So, you may as well warn them what to expect!! Harry Haller likes this. Aisha , Oct 13, This is a long shot, but its the best I can think of. I suggest you both cease calling yourself Sikh or Muslim. I think you should sit down with each other and embrace everything you have in common.

In your hearts you may be Muslim, and he may be Sikh, but publicly just stick to being 'Punjabi'. Yes, each of your parents will think you have both lost your respective faiths, but that will be better than losing a son or daughter to 'the enemy'.

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This means that you can go to a Gurdwara and worship the same God you are worshipping already, and he can go to a Mosque and do the same. There is much corruption of religion already both in Sikhism and Islam, what harm could it do to embrace the common aspects of both religions and use that as a template not only for you, but for your children. You would then be in fact Islamic Sikhs. As I know of at least one Jewish Sikh here on this forum , a multitude of Vedic Sikhs, a few atheist Sikhs, what harm could it be to be an Islamic Sikh? Rory and Ishna like this. May 25, Messages: I know of 2 Muslim Sikh marriages and both have ended up in divorce.

You and him may not be practicing, but when it comes to marriage you will find that you and he will be torn between each other and your families. I suggest either you or he convert to the others faith.

Randip Singh , Oct 13, Jan 29, Messages: Getting married is tricky. You may not be totally practicing today. You could be tomorrow. We are constantly evolving beings. Singh , Oct 13, Oct 13, Messages: Aisha ji, I am going to say what you don't want to hear. In my very hard experience, it doesn't work, in the long run.