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And she has done so much homework to present really good materials. Marni brings the 'hitch' movie to life but from a female perspective. She has insight and advice we can use. Overview Music Video Charts. Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop.

If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Description I'm Marni, and I've spent the last decade helping tens of thousands of men go from being Mr. Listeners also subscribed to. To find a man. Not just any man. He has to tick all of the boxes on Belinda's list or as many of them as possible whilst passing her friends inspection. Well I don't want to spoil the story so you'll have to read it for yourself but all I will say is that a HEA is guaranteed. I do hope Nic Tatano continues with this group of feisty ladies and gives us Roxanne, Ariel and Serena's stories because I for one would definitely read them.

Oct 07, Jane Hunt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jane Hunt Writer First Steps Wing Girl is a witty, interesting, fast paced book with well-crafted three dimensional characters so real they jump off the page straight into your imagination. The world of television investigative journalism and the New York dating scene are the back drop for a 'My Fair Lady' transformation of Belinda a top ranked TV investigative journalist who erstwhile has deliberately downgraded her appearance in favour of her IQ and journalistic talent.

Known by her three best Jane Hunt Writer First Steps Wing Girl is a witty, interesting, fast paced book with well-crafted three dimensional characters so real they jump off the page straight into your imagination.

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Known by her three best friends as 'Wing Girl' they happily trade on her celebrity which draws all manner of sexy men their way. Ariel, Serena and Roxanne reap the benefits whilst Belinda scares off would be lovers with her lack of social skills and dowdy appearance. The interactions between Belinda and her friends are entertaining, humorous and often poignant.

After the makeover which is described in Belinda's own words and is hilarious, the swan is reborn from the ugly duckling but she still has some way to go before she can lose the Wing Girl nick name. Two men feature in her life. Vincent is her nemesis but no one said love was easy. Scott is her ideal lover until the plot twists and their relationship becomes problematical. The romance is sweet and there is also a mystery to be solved which shows the author's knowledge of investigative journalism and gives the story an additional dimension which makes it hard to put down.

Wing Girl is a delicious cocktail of great characters in a dynamic setting woven into an intriguing plot and did I mention the cats that are an instant appeal for all us animal lovers out there. This is definitely a story which would make wonderful television. Don't believe me read it now. Wing Girl is a hugely enjoyable eBook from the new imprint HarperImpulse, which is designed to publish women's fiction like rom-coms and chick-lit.

I don't read a lot of this genre, though I do have certain authors who I'll read, such as Sophie Kinsella and Carole Matthews. This book appealed to me because it sounded light and fun, which just so happened to be what I was in the mood for. It's a really great read that made me laugh out loud in places - I thoroughly enjoyed author Nic Tatano's sen Wing Girl is a hugely enjoyable eBook from the new imprint HarperImpulse, which is designed to publish women's fiction like rom-coms and chick-lit. It's a really great read that made me laugh out loud in places - I thoroughly enjoyed author Nic Tatano's sense of humour!

Wing Girl is all about Belinda, a TV journalist with a penchant for investigative reporting. Her friends Roxanne, Ariel and Serena give her a makeover accompanied by some lessons at charm school and, before you know it, Belinda has completely changed and is attracting the attention of a lot of men, some nice and some not-so nice!

Belinda's whole transformation was so funny to read, especially because I could identify with how little interest she had in clothes or how she knew nothing about different forks and spoons. That aspect reminded me very much of one of my favourite teen films, She's All That. Who doesn't love a good transformation story?! Every character in Wing Girl was so realistic and likeable. Even the not-so nice characters still had charm and a certain something about them, making several plot twists a bit on the shocking but predictable side.

Every character had a life and a background, with a personality that cemented their realism on the page. No-one was boring, and everyone had their chance to shine. Wing Girl is straight up chick-lit, perfect for filming and being made into a rom-com cinema hit. It's fast and funny, and I could have easily carried on reading.

If Wing Girl is anything to go by, I think there are going to be a lot of good chick-lit books published in the near future!

See a Problem?

Not only is this book incredibly offensive towards women, it is also badly written. Wing Girl has no character development, just stereotypes such as the sassy friend, the rich friend and the blue collar boyfriend who seems to be a working class man but really owns his own business and went to an Ivy League University. The plot consists of a smart, independent, but frumpy woman that cannot get a guy. Her three sassy and beautiful friends come to the rescue with a physical and personality makeover.

Once this miraculous makeover takes place all guys are slobbering after her like a dog after a steak. However, our boring and one dimensional main character is emotionally immature and does not trust herself to pick the right guy bla, bla, bla. Terrible, god awful book.

Check out our more detailed video review: Sep 19, Carmel Harrington rated it really liked it. I'm a huge fan of old rom com movies. Well, thats how Wing Girl made me feel when I read it. I smiled pretty much the whole way through it and the dialogue was so witty and funny, I couldn't put it down. The characters are all likeable too, Belinda I'm a huge fan of old rom com movies. The characters are all likeable too, Belinda Carson a freckled redhaired Irish gal who makes up for her lack of social graces with incredible charm.

The supporting cast of friends were all great fun too and Nic Tatano shared enough about them to make me interested to know if there would be a sequel featuring Roxanne, Ariel or Serena. I think all three have stories to tell! One tip everyone, don't read this book hungry, because all of the wonderful descriptions of Italian food will leave your mouth watering! Aug 11, Teresa rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is told from first person.

We get right inside Belinda Carson's head. Brilliantly funny, I even enjoyed how Belinda would talk to the reader sometimes. And I loved the hero way before Belinda did. I'm saying no more!

Aug 19, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: The cover is also stunning, so as soon as it landed and I finished up my most recent ebook, I knew this was my next read. Wing Girl is one such read from the Harper Impulse imprint and it was an awesome read. It seems as if the Harper Impulse novels are the modern Little Black Dress books, and I am so excited to read more books from them. Belinda Carson is a brutally-honest news reporter and I flipping loved her! Not only her, but her friends as well, particularly the feisty Roxanne! I was so pleasantly surprised to find myself loving this book so much.

It just goes to show that you CAN look good, and you can be a babe and still kick ass. You can still be a tough news reporter, and look pretty in the process. It was ace to get a look at a story in action like that, to see how Belinda worked and unfolded news stories on a daily basis and it came to a very satisfying conclusion. I truly adored this novel, I think Nic Tatano has written such a fabulous rom-com, with some truly unforgettable characters, all who had fantastic relationships. I look forward to reading many more novels by Nic Tatano because Wing Girl was amazing.

One of my favourite books this year, for sure. Sep 18, Rick Portier rated it really liked it. Belinda Carson is a hard-nosed investigative reporter by day and an attention magnet by night. Her fame attracts men like moths to a flame. Her lack of style and biting wit guts them like a hunter field dressing a moose. Then her friends swoop in to pick up the pieces — the classic wing man in reverse.

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With a makeover that sends her from frumpy pup to top dog at the bar, and a quick lesson in what not to say, Belinda soon becomes the target of every swinging dick on the street. But how will it effect her hard-nosed image? And with which of her many suiters will Wing Girl eventually settle down? I literally laughed out loud while reading this book. Belinda and her friends are a hoot. The fact that this was written by a man should scare the bejesus out of women.

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Sep 12, Beckie rated it really liked it. She's a very successful investigative reporter who does a lot of good for the people of New York City. The only thing missing in her life is a suitable man. With her fierce attitude, she has an awful habit of repelling men, leaving the leftovers to her friends. Is it time to let someone beyond the barriers and find her own happy ending? I really loved Belinda. She is a strong Originally posted at: She is a strong female character who shows on a daily basis that she can be successful at work and maintain a social life - with a little help from her friends!

Ariel, Roxanne and Serena were brilliant and I loved that they had distinct personalities and their own part to play in Belinda's life. In fact, I believe Belinda would be a little bit lost if she didn't have the strong grounding that her friends provide! Although Belinda mostly shows that tough exterior shell, the one that tells people not to mess with her, you can tell that she has a softer side hiding underneath.

I think New York was a fabulous setting for this book. From its wide variety of men to the beautiful backdrop of New York itself, Belinda definitely had a fighting chance of finding the man of her dreams - even if she didn't want to! The butterflies inside me intensified as I read further into this story. I really did have a giggle as I read what Belinda and Co got up to, but I also felt sad as I read the more poignant moments in the story.

The romance gradually builds up as Belinda begins to understand her feelings, although her plight isn't without its twists and turns! Overall, this book is very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to read a good romantic comedy. Aug 31, Steve Romaine rated it it was amazing. Nic Tatano has broken new ground with a funny, and surprisingly new twist on the bar scene. The cutting humor, cast of misfit characters, and fast paced story development, make for a refreshing, enjoyable read.

Wing Girl, Belinda Carson, is always willing to take one for the team, and way too focused on her broadcasting career, versus personal life - until she gets a cold water wake up call from her closest of friends. With lots of help, the disheveled, Mike Wallace in a Skirt, goes from Wing Gi Nic Tatano has broken new ground with a funny, and surprisingly new twist on the bar scene. Not even her closest friends expected this kind of competition. Sep 06, A. Nuest rated it it was amazing. Ever find yourself reading while waiting at the doctor's office? And when the tech finally calls your name, instead of gathering your coat and purse, you hold up a finger because you're at a really good part in a book?

I did this with Nic Tatano's Wing Girl, and then found myself grinning like a fool during the trek back to the exam room. I loved this clever read of tough-as-nails reporter Belinda Carson and her ultra-chic, supportive friends. Filled with snappy dialogue, laugh out loud moments Ever find yourself reading while waiting at the doctor's office?

Filled with snappy dialogue, laugh out loud moments and some nail-biting intrigue, I highly recommend Wing Girl as a must read for fans of Cinderella stories everywhere.

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I even teared up near the end, a signature sign the author had me hook, line and sinker. I'm adding Nic Tatano to my auto-buy list. Take my advice and download a copy of Wing Girl. You won't be disappointed you did! Dec 23, Rae rated it it was amazing. I had such fun reading this book. How can one not love a book that has lines like "Harry just turned sixty, and doesn't look a day over seventy-five" or "the poster child for male pattern creepiness"?! The humour made this book a very quick, easy read but it was the characters who really stuck with me. Belinda was easy to like, even in the moments when she was being a little obtuse.

It was very obvious which man she'd would end up with, while she was blind to it. But just how she ended up with hi I had such fun reading this book. But just how she ended up with him, and the twist at the end, took me by surprise. And I like to be surprised! I highly recommend this book. And if you need cheering up then I highly, highly recommend this book. Jul 05, Paola rated it did not like it. What a terrible book! Do not waste your time reading this sexist garbage.

It's full of terrible advice like don't you dare wear flat shoes - EVER and change who you are to have guys like you. Plus, the author doesn't shy away from lines like this one: Aug 29, Nikki Bennett rated it it was amazing. A great light romance read that's much more than just a romance. I loved the snarky characters and by the end, felt like I knew them all personally. Definitely give this book a read! The "surprise" was blatantly obvious from the get go.

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My real turn off was the suggestion and ,I guess, joke, about roofying a guy and basically raping him when he said he didnt want to have sex until after marriage. Just because this was said about a guy doesnt make it ok. If the roles were reversed, I dont think that would have ever been included about drugging a woman and taking her consent away. That really turned me off this book.

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Sep 19, Aggeliki rated it did not like it Shelves: Just as I thought, I wasn't able to get through this book. It was predictable, cliche and deeply sexist, towards both women and men. She is lonely and desperate to meet the one. Can her friend's change her too glamorous, sophisticated Belinda by home-schooling her lessons in how to be a lady?