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And it can lead to uncomfortable or even dangerous situations. Ironically, this usually ends up hurting men more and causes worse problems for everyone. Being rejected makes us feel emasculated and inferior. Unfortunately, some men will take their pain out on others through guilt tripping, verbal attacks, and even physical violence. What women need to do is try and limit the negative impact of their rejection. And this all starts by understanding investment.

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I know that your trying to protect yourself. I also know it feels nice to get that kind of attention sometimes. We all like feeling attractive and desirable. Many guys have a hard time moving on unless they get an explicit rejection. Some men will keep hounding you until you outright reject them. And they will get progressively more intense with time. This is when you keep in contact with a guy but never meet up with him. Not being ready yet. What happens when that guy sees you with a new man, walking around on campus? Or he sees your Facebook updates and relationship status?

Many terrible situations stem from a guy feeling slighted and wanting to return that hurt.

Turning those guys into friends. How am I so sure? Because men ask me about these situations on a weekly basis. These guys will hang around and pretend to be your friend. When you get involved with someone else, they flip out or try to sabotage your connection. Next time you want to reject a new guy by being friends, consider if you really want to be his friend. Are you just trying to make him feel better? Not only for your safety, but out of respect for the men, too. Of course, you still want to approach the situation with tact.

You should be polite and not personally attack them. I could never see myself having sex with you. Good luck with your future dates. Will every man gracefully accept these rejections? Do it over text. They can lash out — especially when alcohol is involved. Some guys will keep messaging you to get a rise or response.

It never resolves anything, it only escalates the situation to verbal attacks. Nearly every girl who replies ends by being berated and demeaned. If you have a hard time ignoring him, block him. Delete any online messages you get from him immediately. Consistently escalate your dates from friendly to flirty. Sign up below to get immediate access to the First Date Field Manual. I talked to this chick for months without getting a date.

She hit me up all the time and would text me for hours. It was the worst feeling ever. I know I should have given up earlier but I really liked her. Look forward and focus on women who genuinely want to invest in you. Nick — If a guy asked me to be his girlfriend after being a hook-up for two months over text and I initially said yes… Can I take it back and say no over text as well? You know what… I used to be that girl. Texting and talking on the phone is much easier.

Setting up a date is forcing you to step out of your comfort zone and girls are just as afraid of being rejected as men. Stick with her, give her time and let her come to you. But girls are considered whores if they are looking for a one time thing with guys and guys hate it when girls show interest in them and pick them up because of that.

Guys are entitled to pursue, be decisive, be confident, and know what they want while girls cannot.

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Girls have to be less confident and be more subtle and desirable. Female pick up artists are still seen as whores and guys hate to be seen as sex objects by girls because it hurts their masculinity.

Girls who do that are seen as having bad intentions and therefore are expected to be silent, aloof, and mysterious. Males are still entitled to hunt while females are the prize. Just came across this article on Jezebel that seems to contradict your preachings http: When a girl is direct rather than evasive, it is more easy to us to get the reality of our situation, thanks also to help girls on how to avoid being in a tornado of anger from a frustrated man.

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A wink or something, sure, okay -- no problem. But if I have taken the time to write a two or three paragraph email, a simple response such as "No, thanks, I don't think we're suited for each other" is a polite way to reply. To ignore a custom-written email is quite rude, in my book. But not all of us are idiots, you know. There's generally two types, those who send out a bunch of generic messages to many people, hoping for a bite.

And then there's those that actually read your profile and are genuinely interested, and would probably include some info on common interests or something. The latter should at least deserve a 'thanks, but I'm not interested'. The former, just ignore. Thank god, someone with a heart. It is unbearably rude to just ignore messages. Someone is, indeed, going out on a limb. The least you can do is say "Thank you, but I'm not interested'. Give them one chance to do the "Aww but I'm so awesome you'll love me" shtick, say "No thank you" again, and block them.

Really, I don't understand how people think it's okay to just ignore other people when they're putting themselves out there.

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To me, writing someone back to tell them "Thanks, but no thanks" is like waving over a bum on the side of the freeway to tell him you're not going to give him money. To me, it's rude to write back.

How to Reject Men Safely and Respectfully

For like 3 milliseconds, you get my hopes up when I see that someone has written me back, and then I open up the letter to find out you wrote me to tell me the exact same thing that I could have figured out if you hadn't written at all. As you can see, people are pretty evenly split between "not replying is unspeakably rude" and "replying just to say no is a terrible insult. The only solution, then, is to do what makes you happy.

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Do you feel worse when you delete an email without replying, or when you reply and then occasionally get a response of the "but why not? Do whichever makes you less fed up with the process. Or, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you, knowing full well that some of them would actually prefer the opposite done unto them. But understand that whatever you choose, you won't be able to make everyone happy, and you'll just have to live with that. Personally, I would prefer to receive a "no thanks" e-mail in this situation, especially if it looks like I put some effort into the e-mail.

I can understand your hesitation to ignore someone, especially since in real life this would be completely rude and unacceptable. I know it may feel crummy, but not responding really is the best option. That way, like 23skidoo said, you'll be able to avoid continued attention from people you don't want to associate with. If they can't handle an un-returned message, that speaks to something within them that is off. There are an infinite number of reasons why you wouldn't reply; if they're healthy then they'll accept that as part of the process.

It takes a lot of courage just to put up a profile, so good luck and I hope you find someone special! I also initially felt it was rude not to respond to everyone, so I would write back and say, "Thanks, but no thanks" to my unwanted gentlemen internet callers. What I got back were some really crazed responses. One guy wrote me back after the "no thanks" and told me, and I quote, I was "the nail in the coffin" for him, that women were bitches, that my not accepting his offer to communicate was just the last straw for him, and he was ending his online dating membership because of me.

Sheesh, how'd I let that charmer go?! Several others wrote back similar insulting things which led to my deciding that ignoring the emails was the best option.

Man handles online dating rejection by being polite and the world is shocked

This is contrary to my normal approach to life, but so it is. From the guy's perspective, I've had two guy friends tell me they would get their hopes up when they saw their mailboxes full, only to be disappointed when they discovered it was full of "thanks, but no thanks" responses as 23skidoo said. I found a balanced approach worked best for me: However, if it was clearly a "form letter" seeking my attention and most of them were , I'd not respond at all. It's not rude to simply not respond. It's not even rude's second cousin. Not responding is so unrelated to rude that they don't even have the same number of chromosomes, legs or eyes.

If you're not interested, you don't really want them to show up in your searches, so add them to your 'dead to me' list, too. The other day, someone QuickMatched me. Thing is, this caginess doesn't work; in my "who's viewed you" list it tells me when people have looked at my ad. I'm not an idiot. So I saw that I'd been matched. Looked at the profile, saw that we had a few things in common, but, frankly, I didn't find her physically attractive in the least, I found some of her hobbies laughable and worthy of derision, and she's married and poly; I am not poly-friendly.

I sent her a note saying that I wasn't interested in my usual comic easy-letdown style. But a couple of hours later I considered: She responded to my note, but I elected to delete it unread and block her. I was probably just feeling extra chatty. But the conclusion remains: I shouldn't have sent her a note. I dunno -- I did the online dating thing for a while, and I always made a point of responding to anyone that had even made a token effort to read, pay attention to, and seem open to discussing stuff in my profile.