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Rollo Tomassi was the generic name given to a nameless criminal who got away with his crime. I also understand that Rollo was the name of an infamous viking. I found this interesting since we both descend from Danish heritage. ONEitis and Just Be Yourself tend to be codependents and, in tandem, really fuck up a lot of guys lives. My N count is public record; more than 40, less than I was, and still kind of am, more into sex as experience.

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The worst was the 4 years I spent with a BPD girlfriend. I did a post on it. I was in the pit of blue pill hell and pushed to the brink. My best experience is hard to put a finger on. All of my best experiences would have to be with Mrs. I can think of at least 4 very memorable women, one was a fuck-buddy who was easily the most sexually hungry and not just with me I came to find out. In fact the younger the girl, the easier time I had bedding her, and the more adventurous a lover she usually was.

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Of course, particularly in my teenage years. Yes, but mostly due to logistics rather than from spite or wanting to up the urgency with a girl as most guys think denying women sex will do. Most often it was because I had a better offer somewhere else or I was just plain tired. Mannerisms, attitude, vernacular, a guy with options just acts different than a guy with none.

I know a lot of guys get weird or depressed about a dry spell , but I was always kind of optimistic about having no plates because I enjoyed having the freedom to get with whomever, and I looked forward to meeting new women. I work in the liquor and casino industry so it depends on the event and what time of year it is. I either go loose or I go tight, but it really depends on the venue. Loose is jeans, some nice slip-ons, a stylish tailored button down, maybe a casual sport coat. Christian McQueen is a better guy to ask about style.

I put on a solid 8 lbs. Heh, I had to buy new pants because my thighs got bigger. You do have to be careful of injury though, and not just in the lifts. I fucked up my back twice in about 2 years just getting cocky pulling heavier dumbbells off the rack.

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You gotta be careful. Back when I was inadvertently spinning plates, my Game at the time consisted of playing in various semi-pro bands and hooking up after a gig. I suppose that would amount to Night or Club Game now, but it was the environment I was in and familiar with. Most of my Game relied on social proof, DHV and looking the part. And for the record, yes, Mrs. Tomassi occasionally reads what I write here and has read my book.

The old version yes. The new version not entirely, but I have several of my old essays included in it. Beyond that I do email and very rarely phone consults with people who request them depending on my availability and ability to help at any given time. Better than I ever imagined. Men perceive female interpretive reflexiveness in a male context. Women perceive male interpretive awareness in a female context.

In other words, they expect women will respond in a rational manner similar to how they as men would. From a male perspective, this would make complete and rational sense. If a man were to Neg you or another man, the most rational response would be to interpret that as disrespect and to take offense.

Men do this as a form of unity building, but our inclination to rib each other stops there. Now lets say that the guy getting Negged, not only accepts it, but becomes intrigued and friendly with the guy negging him. Would you have any respect for either one of them? The most common complaint read on any dating site SoSuave to Love Shack comes from guys who are dumbfounded that women consistently opt for the Bad Boy Alpha Jerk instead of him and his Nice, loyal, respectful, dependable self.

It has everything to do with the fact that men base most of their actions, their beliefs, their personal investments, etc. Either the data is flawed, our interpretation of it is flawed, or the one relating it is flawed — and probably all three. So in light of such a consistent conflict of purpose, we have to conclude that what women say and what women do are often at odds with each other.

Negs work on women. So the question is this: Breaking out of this plugged-in beta mindset that convinces men that women will react the same as they would is one of the most important transitions of taking the red pill. As I stated prior, unlearning what you know about women and your equalist mental preposition is usually one of the more difficult aspects of unplugging.

Abandoning your old ways of interacting with women involves a very real risk of rejection, but keep in mind that relearning the reality of the differences in mental process between yourself and a prospective woman will make that transition easier. Most plugged-in guys are already women in their perspective of gender. Anticipate outcomes, predict results based on what you know a woman would be thinking; not what any equal and neutral, well-reasoned generic person would. Plugged-in guys avoid this even to the limbic root level of their own mental processing because it rings of sexism; and anything minutely associated with sexism is an automatic sexual disqualifier for men with the scarcity mentalities that fem-centrism has raised in them.

An effective Game-aware man has to accept a base understanding of sexism; sexism in the respective differences that characterize the differences between the sexes. Sexism will be used by you or on you, but you will not be exempted from it. You cannot negotiate genuine desire.

Hormonal I am presently about half way through my read of Dr. Validational Sex When women look for that Alpha Seed in their peak ovulatory proliferative phase, the sex they seek is a desired sex with a man who meets evolutionary criteria.

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Transactional Sex One of the benefits of a concealed estrus is that it allows women a few luxuries. Unnegotiated Desire And so now we come full circle to the men I was counseling back in the day. What is your opinion on the Celebrity Maxim? However, what Nismo is getting at is really less about the validity of those illustrations and more about genuine desire: What is your take on the one strike rule? She flakes on you with no counter offer or marginal reframe? Insufficient interest Stops responding to communications and possibly resumes after a period? The Prince with Interest What Nismo is comparing here is really an evaluation of interest a woman has in you.

Act like a King to be treated like one The way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated; In the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you. In Amused Mastery, it helps to actually have some context of mastery to source as amusement. So I read it. Establishing Boundaries London Towers on the SoSuave forum started a fairly contentious debate on how a man ought to establish boundaries within a relationship last week: Next, commenter Soolaimon picks up the opposite end of the extreme: These boundary guys have it ass backwards.

They are judging women by their words instead of judging them by their actions. Judge women by their actions and not their words. Agreeing to a boundary is only her words that these guys think will keep her from cheating. Those are her actions you judge her on.

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Not useless words she can go back on at any moment. Women do that for Alphas and not betas who need to set a boundary out of fear. Women that are really into you will agree to what you want with no problem.

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When they lose interest they will still cheat on you making your boundary useless. The hand burned by the stove teaches better than any warning. Personally I find this very encouraging. Actively meaning I double shifted at the time 4. Inactively 7 when I was about For the record, I never charge money for a consult. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Find out about her profession her interests and activities. For another thing the most desirable men engage in various forms of polygyny. It wont break the bank but only prove how to send an email on a dating website to us that modern day chivalry is not dead Those seven dollars and fifty cents can go a long way itll one up you with the girl with the girls friends with that guy who picked you up earlier who didnt offer to buy you a drink itll prove that youre not a cheapo.

Theres potential all right but a good fitness function seems perniciously hard to find whether a match is successful depends on factors which are essentially invisible to the algorithm. A token means that increased value gets captured which incentivizes everyone to use it more. Indeed most apps have this in some form Tinder has swipe limits and the Super Like CMB claims to reward good behavior with better matches and you can discover matches by spending beans etc.

Women are more interested in monogamy than men men with girlfriends are likely to keep going on dating sites women with boyfriends are notbr. In a better world the people with the money would find the concept itself valuable and not need the blockchain window dressing to be interested. We use the most up to date special techniques and Secret Sauce to get you keller dating the perfect match and ensure romantic compatibility is what every dating site and matchmaker claims throwing together NLP and IBM Watson is veering more towards jargon buzzwords than theres a sound principle at work here.

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Low quality people of one sex tend to drive out highquality people of the other which in turn drives out highquality people of the first sex and so on. Unleash the beast Be the man who goes after what he wants. Some people use Intellect to wrest a secret from Nature an elegant reduction of the chaos of human interaction into comprehensible and exploitable principles. Youre moving towards me. For every Mark Zuckerberg who makes billions there are probably hundreds of people mostly men who work night and day for the best years of their lives and have nothing to show for it.

More and more these days feminism takes the form of stripping any sense of agency and moral responsibility away from women and saying that its mens job to protect them from other men. I definitely got a pattern herebr Ask open ended questions about herbr Listen to the answers. When you look at the queer womens community in the big cities its all young white girls says M. My guess is that the instant the tokens start representing realworld money the site would get regulated like a bank lottery or moneylaundering outfitThe last one seems like its already becoming the case.

Especially when its not the first time theyve seen that picture because its not the first time someones tried to pass it with an image off the Internet. So is there a good reason for it to be a cryptocurrencyPlayful and exciting. That is not at all what Im here to do and were I condescending to your community by attempting to market to it we would indeed not be talking about the actual issues.

Id think a better idea would be to have people earn stars with good behavior. As is your explanation has made versailles baby sit dating your idea go from hopeful but flawed to cynical and exploitative and unless you can offer some reason why this is not the case I cant help but feel the world would be dating and courtship the christian way better off without 10 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter another dating site that promises to change everything while merely escalating the status quo.

A womans sexual desirability is concentrated into her younger years a mans is far more spread out. Hey Im not opposed to commoditizing female attention and auctioning it off to the highest bidder. It eliminates men who are planning on having casual sex with twenty women and then picking the one of those that they like best for something longer term but is that really a problemMy personal desire is to get etiquette for dating married and start a family as soon as practical so thats where Im aiming and why I chose those metrics.

They claimed it was a thing it is not replicable in the data. For which reproductive Hemel hempstead dating fitness isnt the relevant criterion. However there are actually more or less two different kinds of dating casual and long term it is actually more complex with lots of dating that is a bit of both but this simplification is good enough. At any rate the managerial enthusiasm explains why these people make four times my salary. Peoples payment for the service is the higher of xnumber of messages sent total income from messagesnumber of customers or zero.

Anyways, I gotta go, I'm going to work my rock hard abs and go to the gym. Espi Master Don Juan Nov 12, Anyways, go ahead, I really could care less. Not many guys can pick quality and quantity at the same time. Well, I don't like to cook There are plnety of quality women on that site, and I've met a fair share of them who have a lot of good things going on in life. Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women. Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. Joined Oct 1, Messages 1, Likes I think you've got the ghey mate.

Pretty dumb that is. How can you be half Irish, half American? American isn't even a race. Damn man, I wanna pick you apart, but I'm finding it pretty hard to. But the same thing stands, why chat to her when you can find a girl JUST as hot at a bar, do the same thing, AND gain social skills without the worry she sounds like a man in real life Also that girl is 5ft Bryce Senior Don Juan Nov 12, Me Master Don Juan Nov 12, Joined Dec 19, Messages 1, Likes For all you know, that "hot blonde with blue eyes" has also put on pounds in the last year.

Wodan Senior Don Juan Nov 13, Pingpongz i think she looks great, Ive done alot of internet dating, met alot of great looking girls from it, just takes a different ability to on the street or in a bar, if you want to discuss and share tips and tricks then PM me your msn. Me Master Don Juan Nov 19,