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As I made my way down Cumberland Street, I felt giddy but apprehensive. I spotted him right away, sitting at the back of the restaurant on one of its white banquettes. He stood to kiss me on the cheek. For the next three hours we talked nonstop over glasses of white wine and plates of oysters, then walked around Yorkville, en route to the University of Toronto campus in search of a more private place to end the evening. Near the law faculty, we found a deserted walkway, and he backed me against a brick wall. He leaned into me with an arm on each side of my head and pounced on my lips.

I responded with equal enthusiasm, and unbuttoned his dress shirt while his hands lifted my skirt and tugged on my panties. But we heard two joggers approaching on the path and quickly pulled apart. He walked me back to my car, and we made plans to reconnect after his upcoming two-week Caribbean vacation with his wife. We stayed in touch all through his vacation, exchanging information about our lives and describing in great detail the many ways in which we wanted each other.

We scheduled our second date for a few days after he returned, a muggy August afternoon. We met for lunch in Mississauga followed by some time at a nearby secluded park, where we lay down on a blanket I had brought along. After some kissing and heavy petting, I unzipped his jeans and discovered his penis was completely flaccid.

He said something about feeling shy and quickly zipped himself back up. We left the park, and, after an awkward goodbye, I drove home, feeling confused and uneasy. The next day, he emailed me saying he was embarrassed and blamed our surroundings. Next time, he said, we needed a bed. Since we were meeting around dinnertime, my task was to pick up some snacks and a bottle of wine.

As I made my way over, I received a text: I had imagined I would experience my first fling in a fancier hotel—the Four Seasons or the Ritz—not at a Best Western, but I was excited nonetheless. As I rode up the elevator, I thought about my husband, who at that moment was probably cooking something for our kids in our kitchen. I had about four hours before I had to make my way to my car and start the drive back home. Pushing all those thoughts out of my mind, I knocked on the door.

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The doctor greeted me by putting both hands around my waist and pulling me into a kiss. I wish I could say that auspicious beginning ended in amazing and satisfying sex for both of us. After a couple of hours of trying, we found ourselves lying on the king-size bed, my head resting on his chest, his fingers caressing one of my arms. We liked each other but perhaps lacked sexual chemistry, he suggested. I asked if there was anything else getting in the way. He admitted he felt guilty—his wife trusted him completely. We got dressed, in the now familiar awkward silence that had become our end-of-date routine.

As I replayed the evening on my drive home, I started to feel guilty, too. What was I doing, getting naked in a hotel room with a man I had met online and hardly knew? What would my husband think if he ever found out about the other men I had met in bars and darkened restaurants? Would he ask for a divorce? I knew I could lose everything: When I arrived home, my husband was luckily out walking our dog, and I was able to take a long shower and clear my head before he returned. Two days later, the doctor contacted me again. Even after our awkward encounters, I was still attracted to him and had begun to feel emotionally attached.

I agreed to meet him once again, this time at the Marriott Bloor Yorkville, on a Saturday afternoon in early September. But that encounter ended the same as the last. Saying goodbye once again, we both knew it was finally over. We had one last email exchange in which he apologized again for his inability to perform and urged me to try again with someone new.

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A week later I shut down my AM account. But first I took one last look at the page of currently available men and spotted the doctor. It only confirmed my decision. Late last fall, I met my best friend at a Second Cup. Her own affair had ended after three months of countless cancelled dates and broken promises. We postulated that half of the men on AM are players and the other half are just damaged in some way. We laughed at the absurdity of it all: Be a man not a wimp. No luck with one woman, move onto another. Thou shalt never, ever, never photograph, refer to or even mention your penis in your profile, picture or message.

Likewise, thou shalt not have or send a picture of your naked or semi naked body. Women are not more interested in you, even if you have the most amazing biceps or pecs. It is not a turn on for women initially. Keep a few nice photos of yourself, wait until she asks to see you, do not send them until she asks.

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  4. Do get an attractive photo of you with a nice smile, open necked shirt, doing sports, having fun. A public profile picture of yourself does help if you are very good-looking and are willing to expose yourself expose your face not your ding-a-ling but it is also good to leave some mystery, make her ask about you. Thou shalt have a nice, snappy, instantly attractive profile name.

    My Cheating Heart: lessons from my year on Ashley Madison

    It is difficult to invent one. Cannot really help you here too much, it is a hard choice and an important one. Remember to prioritise profiles without pictures. That is right, women without photos, public or private. These women seem to respond better to messages, probably because they do not get as many 10 a day as opposed to women with pictures 50 a day. Also you want a discreet, sane woman, and which married woman wanting a quiet affair posts a public photo of herself?!

    Likewise, do not ask immediately for private photo access another free function without a decent message and a reply first. Once you get a response then ask for pictures. That is how women work. Also be ready to share your pictures. Honour your woman with a real message. Read her profile very carefully, every word. Make sure you are matched. Your message should refer to her Ashley Madison profile. The message should be friendly, informative, funny and provocative. Ideally the girl will smile when she reads your message. Make her reply to you. This is difficult but must be mastered.

    Be different without being weird, be provocative without being rude. Send only real messages, no winks and no favourites. Winks and favourites are free but totally ineffective. At best harmless but no woman is going to take them seriously. Thou shalt read and reread your message.

    It must be good. Decent, correct, simple and direct language works the best. No lazy sms language u r OK, i luv u. Badly written messages are candidates for rejection. The message box on the mobile edition of Ashley Madison is too small and does not allow for scrolling so do not use it for messages longer than a line because you will not see the mistakes. When using my phone I first write the message in gmail or something like that, check it a few times and then copy paste into the Ashley Madison message box because that box is too small to check properly the spelling and grammar.

    Thou shalt commit adultery with women that are compatible with you. Beware, using the website is a fantasy in itself, great fun, but it should not be your goal. You can see pictures and profiles of beautiful, sexy, young women who are offering themselves for sex.

    Live in the real world! Keep your searches realistic.

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    Your searches should reflect this. That tall 25 year old in the next state is not interested in you if you are 42 and cm. Keep you searches within 1 hour travel time. Messages to women you have about zero chance with are a waste of your Ashley Madison credits. Once you have done your search, skip to the bottom of the search list results immediately. Do not message the first woman on the list. Obviously she is going to get more messages.

    How to succeed on Ashely Madison

    The woman at the bottom of the list is going to get less messages and you will have a better chance with her. Not sure how Ashley Madison arranges the lists but the women closer to the top of the results lists certainly get more messages. Thou shalt not waste the last 5 credits. Having the last few credits gives you status and benefits on the site like seeing message history. Ashley Madison wrote to me like this: Probably a waste of money, costs an extra 5 credits. The fact that you know she did not even open your message will just depress you yes there are lots of women who will not even open your message.

    It is a function that is set by default so uncheck it.