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The next day, one of the men you met asks you out on a date. You run through several scenarios in your head of what you might say or do and what his reaction might be. How do I respond to him asking me out? What will I wear? Is it trendy enough? Do I really care about that?

Is my personal style exciting enough for him? Where will we meet? He wants me to pick the coffee shop?! What will you talk about? What if there is a lull in conversation? Shrug your shoulders, slow down your breathing, and try to relax.

Online Dating, Pros and Cons

There are a number of things you can do to lower your anxiety. Here are some of those tips that my single clients have found very helpful when dating. First, when on a date or talking on the phone prior to a date, a great way to reduce your anxiety about dating is to take the focus off of yourself. Asking questions and finding out what your date is interested in is the best way to do this. Take note of the hobbies they listed in their profile and ask about it.

Let them do most of the talking but be sure to be actively listening. People love to talk about themselves and their hobbies or other interests.

They could be sports, recreation, traveling, dining out, social causes, you name it. Focusing on who they are can help quell some of your own anxiety. And an added bonus, you will probably learn something new! The first few dates are for getting to know each other. Oversharing in the beginning, on either end, can be too much.

Social Anxiety: A Personal Account

You and your date should not be sharing your deep dark secrets on the first date. In fact, when people over-share and become instantly attached, it often fizzles out just as quickly as it started, leading to some serious heartbreak. Remember to keep it light! Your first few dates should have a positive happy conversation. Avoid asking about traumatic, dramatic or any other negative events.

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Do your best to stay positive, optimistic and in the moment. Thinking about what might happen or could happen is exactly what your anxiety stems from. You could start off your date by choosing an outfit in which you feel great about yourself, your favorite top or pair of jeans. Do your hair and makeup however you like it. Focus on having a fun and relaxed time.

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However, when a relationship is starting to flower things can get lost in text translation. Hopefully, like so many dating singles and couples I have worked with, these tips can help guide you while dating and texting.

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Typically, the first date tends to elicit more anxiety than subsequent dates. Simply accept that the first date will feel more awkward. Skip to main content. Monday, June 12, Pretty good, just got back from volunteering, how about you? All I can really ask about now is his work… Me: Where do you work? At an engineering firm, what about you? I just got out of school. Oh nice, where did you go to school?

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